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Niccals, Weaver WIP

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Niccals, Weaver WIP Empty Niccals, Weaver WIP

Post  Jasper Niccals on Sun Oct 21, 2012 7:33 am


””Im sorry friend, but divine intervention…..Seems unlikely””


Jasper Damion Niccals

98(Looks to be about 48 or so)

May, 18, 1914



[img][You must be registered and logged in to see this image.][/img]


Imagine the perfect father figure, smiling if sad kind eyes that had seen to much, strong rough hands that had held many tools and built many things, and a ready smile always on his face for who ever he was talking to. His bearded face strong and compassionate, a soft voice that seemed to carry on for ever no matter how loud it was and a booming joyous laugh that brought smiles to everyone’s faces and made the children think of Santa Clause, now if you will imagine his posture, straight backed, proud and dignified his eyes always looking ahead to see what troubles may come.

Picture this and you’ve pictured Jasper at his finest, with those dancing brown eyes and dark hair speckled with salt and pepper he could be anyone’s ageing father or favorite uncle. He looks like some one who enjoys life even when it’s rough and getting you down. The sort of person who would laugh in the face of adversity and keep on moving forward never caring what other people thought and never thinking of backing down.

He tends to dress like a business professional when on the job, crisp clean suits, ties, polished leather shoes and if he’s feeling really snazzy he adds suit vests to his attire. On his days off he wears jeans and t-shirts, and comfortable shoes. With out fail though hes constantly caring his book, a huge seemingly leather bound affair that looks much older then it actually is. .

You know how Nikola Tesla was reported to be this weird scientist, eerie to be around and mingling with society as if he peripherally belonged? Far to genius tp be real? Far to genius to be human? Well, thats Jasper. A brilliant mind, wrapped up in a mortal coil that seems to restict him more then anything else. He dreams to be free, he dreams of his mind soaring into realms unknown so he could be free of the weakness of his flesh.


Just as matter can be shaped by heat and cold, by hammer's blow and chisel's cut, so too can the soul be shaped by pleasure and pain, by feeling and thought. Emotional baggage or faulty modes of thought can be trimmed away and desirable qualities such as honesty and compassion may be added to the alloy mixture in the crucible of the soul. Imperfection can be burned off, boiled out, or frozen and chipped away. The soul's purest essence may be distilled out of the woes and trauma that weigh it down, leaving it free to become that which is rarer and more precious than gold -- the fulfilling life of the complete person. Having perfected the technique of crafting their own souls, the Uncrowned could truly claim to be "self-made men," masters of their own souls. Their "royalty" is based, not upon primogeniture or the hoarding of hollow wealth, but upon the noble qualities that they have cultivated within themselves. They do not rule over nations, but over themselves to a degree that "common" folk can scarcely imagine.

→ Research
→ Apple Pie
→ Peaceful solutions to problems
→ Books
→ Classical Music
→ Hardcore "Gansta" rap
→ Ambitious plans
→ Martial Arts and swordsmanship
→ Ancient civilizations
→ Eastern Culture
→ Keen and intelligent minds.
→ Operations Manuals

→ Those who refuse to learn.
→ Poser's like 50 cent
→ People who change there names to numbers
→ People with racial identity issues
→ Authors who gain recognition for mediocre works.
→ Hates the current political paradigm
→ People of weak convictions
A 500 word description of how your character’s come up to this point.

Leave this blank unless you already requested to join a faction in the classifieds. You must have approval from the faction's leader(s).


Is a skilled rapper and singer.
Enjoys the odd bout of sword play, it reminds him some what of his youth.
An amazing memory, almost eidetic in nature.
Cooking is something of a hobby of his, and having spent almost a century on this earth he has become rather talented.

VARY egotistical.
Tends to under estimate others.
CANT DRIVE! Hes tried he really has, but for what ever reason it escapes him.
A sex addict, vary easily seduced.

Speaks English, Chinese(Mandarin), Italian and Arabic. Can understand and read the language of ancient Mesopotamia but like all current day scholars, he cant speak it with any sort of fluency. In an effort to better understand his more technical students he learned L33T speak.

→ The for most expert on ancient Mesopotamia
→ Enjoys rap "Battles"
→ Is known by some as "MC Dreamer"
→Little known fact is that hes also dope on the mic.
→ Trys to keep "Hip" and "Happenin" To what all the young folks are doing
→ Has two PhD's one in anthropology(specialty archaeology) and another in psychology(Specialty bio-psychology)


For Weavers, a mystery is something more then an unknown fact, it is power. Power that allows them to shape and change the world around them to their liking.

Level: 1
Mastery: 1
Weakness: (Everything has a weakness. No flawless spells are ever created. Spill it!)


Bronze, Jasper, Bubub, That guy.


[b]Dogs: Bullets & Carnage[/b] – [i]Mihai Mihaeroff[/i]
(If you don't know the details, provide a link to the source of the image(s) used.)

Uncrowned King


Jasper Niccals
Jasper Niccals

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Niccals, Weaver WIP Empty Re: Niccals, Weaver WIP

Post  Öbür Dünya on Thu Oct 25, 2012 1:53 pm

Your archive date is November 6th.


Öbür Dünya
Öbür Dünya

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Niccals, Weaver WIP Empty Re: Niccals, Weaver WIP

Post  Öbür Dünya on Sat Dec 15, 2012 2:24 am



Öbür Dünya
Öbür Dünya

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