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Lucidus Ignis: The Torch

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Lucidus Ignis: The Torch Empty Lucidus Ignis: The Torch

Post  Joseph De Payns on Sun Nov 11, 2012 9:24 pm


Name: Lucidus Ignis: The Torch

Location: Newport, Rhode Island is the central control but Chapter Houses are scattered across America.

Faction Type: The Lucidus Ignis is a militaristic faction, with religious undertones. Although they are indeed a Military Organization, all of their operatives are of some faith.

Races allowed to join: Humans (policy is currently under debate)

Goals: The Sheltering and Protection of Human Kind.

What the faction does / How it operates: The Lucidus Ignis gathers it's legions from men of faith. Any faith is allowed amongst the ranks, as long as it is TRUE faith in a higher power (so yes the Flying Spaghetti Monster counts, but only if you truly believe in him). The Lucidus Ignis does not actively hunt for it's opperatives, given time they will come to them. When Fate knocks on your door, when you come home to something unnaturally wrong, when you can't continue to write it off as nightmares and dreams of fancy, when you fall into the darkness but call for a light to see; we are the Lucidus Ignis.
You are brought to us, we see you and we clothe you, we feed you, and we teach you how to fight back. We are the Blazing Torch, the Flame Untarnished, we hold back the Adumbulo Nox, the walkers in the night that surround us, and we burn them in our righteous fire, so that their pyre may be a light for Humanity to cling to in the wailing waves of shadow.

The Lucidus Ignis is a Pseudo-Religious Military Organization that uses it's monetary connections to fund a small army to fight against what they call 'Adumbulo Nox' which rough translation from Latin means 'Night Walkers'. The Abumbulo Nox are what the Lucidus Ignis call things that are not 'off this world' or the other than Human factor of the supernatural. The solders of the Torch (slang for the group) are either descendents of others in the group, or people who have seen things or had things happened to them. The Lucidus Ignis, whose members stretch across many religious and spiritual groups, have an open ear to those that need the groups 'special' help. The many Fathers, Priests, Parishioners, Bishops, Dallis, Malals, and such that are also members of the Torch gather those lost lambs that need help getting back on their feet after a run-in with something 'other' than human. These people who also show a certain something (it changes for each member) are lead into the Chapter Houses where they are taught the ways to fight back against those things that prey upon man.

Reason for making it / Relevance to plot: The Lucidus Ignis is an old Oder it's line reaching back to Europe and the days of Feudalism. It was established first to hold back the ungodly, and then latter evolved into an entity that fights back against those that threaten and feed off of mankind.

Why it's different from the others: On the 13 of October 1307 'The Poor-Fellow soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon', otherwise known as The Order of the Knights Templar, were systematically arrested and their goods seized for the King of France and the Catholic Church on grounds of Heresy. On this day many of the Knights were taken and burn at the stake for unproven heresy, but when they knights of France went to seize their prize of Templar gold and relics, all they found was a single rose resting in a vase.
The Knights Templar had fled to America, a land mentioned and whispered by the viking traders, and had landed on what is now Rhode Island. There they built a tower and pledge to continue to up hold the protection of humanity against the myriad of forces that opposed it.
The Lucidus Ingnis arose from those surviving knights and use the old world knowledge, and the information from their old Library (the bulk of the Templar treasure carted to America) to combat those of the 'other' variety that pose a threat to the Human Race. They take only those of Faith, and they teach the lost a purpose.

Miscellaneous Info: There money Base is quite large, as they are funded by old money(the Templar gold and the surviving original families) causing the operatives to have access to quite a few goodies and Items, When approved of course. It also means when you are traveling to and fro the society pays for your movements as long as you remember your receipts are you received the money before. Some solders and operatives work full time for the Torch, developing new weapons and tactics or running out and using the new weapons and tactics.

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Lucidus Ignis: The Torch Empty Re: Lucidus Ignis: The Torch

Post  Öbür Dünya on Tue Nov 13, 2012 7:30 pm



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