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How-To: Posting in the Artists' Alley

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How-To: Posting in the Artists' Alley

Post  Öbür Dünya on Wed Oct 10, 2012 3:05 pm

How-To: Posting in the Artists' Alley

Last Updated: Oct. 10, 2012 by Daemon

Now, I know what you're thinking: "There's a how-to for posting in here?"

The answer is simple: Yes, there is. The reason is to keep things nice and orderly as well as to give you a little bit of a guideline as to how the rules apply in this particular part of the forum.

Let us begin:

  1. One topic per member. What that means is that you should only have one thread that you use to post your art.

  2. Use spoilers. While this mostly applies to images, it will help to condense the sizes of the posts if literature is put between spoiler tags, as well, so it is recommended that you do so.

  3. Keep it clean. I think this is a no-brainer, but please, do not post anything pornographic. This violated the Terms of Service of the forum host, not to mention this isn't a porn site. While I myself am a believer in artistic nudity, there is a different between that and porn. This rule also applies to writing. If you do want to post something that contains anything sexual, you have to censor it.

  4. Stay organized. How you organize your page is up to you, but I recommend putting all of your submissions in the first post and editing it when posting new things. This leads us to:

  5. Bumping is allowed. If you have your own thread for submissions, you will be allowed to bump if you organize it in the way that is described above. You can bump your art thread when you add to it, but otherwise I simply advise you to be careful to avoid spamming. Outside of this board, however, bumping is to be done by staff members only.

  6. Have fun!


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