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Post  Öbür Dünya on Sat Oct 20, 2012 5:37 pm


Name: Bubble Guppies

Location: The Ocean

Faction Type: Social

Races allowed to join: Fishies

Goals: The goal of the Bubble Guppies is to teach all the little fishies about how to be safe in the ocean and become good little fishies.

What the faction does / How it operates: Bubble Guppies picks up all the little fishies from the ocean and puts them in schools. These schools have one teacher, and they are first taught the basics of safety in the ocean. Then they are taught how to be good citizens of the ocean. Other topics include basic arithmetic, reading and writing, and other things normally taught in human schools. There is a president of the Bubble Guppies that oversees all of the operations to make sure all the little fishies are learning what they should.

Reason for making it / Relevance to plot: I want to be able to teach all the fishies how to be good and safe little fishies, because it's very important.

Why it's different from the others: Bubble Guppies is different from other factions because it's a faction made for fishies. In addition, it is a social faction meant to teach. It's not about fighting at all, or about power, but about safety and general knowledge. In addition, only little fishies can join unless they are going to be a teacher. Another requirement is to be in the ocean, which is something that no other factions can say.

Miscellaneous Info: As I stated before, this is not a serious faction registration, just a guideline for you to follow when creating your own. Please take your own a lot more seriously than I did with this one. For cereal.


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